How axon works
axon's system connects smart contracts with remote sensing technologies to digitalize and automate complex processes. This innovative approach results in greater transparency and simplicity.
Infographic explaining how axon works.
A magnifying glass for impact
We introduce - the Nature Digital Passport, a digital representation of the forest that offers a comprehensive approach to recording, storing, and verifying information about forests and their ecosystem services. All information in the passport is securely stored and publicly accessible, allowing anyone to verify its integrity and authenticity. In the axon ecosystem, each forest possesses its digital passport.
An operational auto-pilot
With the Nature Digital Passport, we can easily access current information about all forests and receive real-time updates on their status. This information is used to generate a variety of outputs, including certificates companies can use to neutralize their emissions and immediate payments to the landowner's account.
Combining digitalization and automation can simplify entire processes, reduce data manipulation risks, boost companies' confidence, and maximize revenue for forest owners.