For Companies

Remove where you emit.

Axon helps companies protect local forests to neutralize their environmental and social footprint and strengthen their ESG strategy.

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We help companies to neutralize their footprint.

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Secure your long-term net-zero strategy by financing ESG activities that make a difference.

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Receive yearly carbon certificates and use them to compensate for your emissions.

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Keep stakeholders in the loop by sharing your actions and their outcomes.

Why axon is the best choice for your climate strategy

We strive to help businesses save time, easily finance carbon projects, and neutralize their emissions. We do this by transforming analogue processes into fully automated digital ones, so you can access all the information and take action in one convenient place.
We seek to offer companies the flexibility to secure their emission neutralization strategy at a fixed price for the long term while allowing them to sell back any surplus on a secondary market and potentially benefit from price increases.
We ensure that project information and impact data remain secure and unaltered. Companies and stakeholders can easily verify the integrity of the information with just a few clicks. Transparency is vital to us, and we prioritize it in every aspect of our work.