For Landowners

Simple access to capital.

Axon empowers landowners to take full advantage of the multi-functionality of their forests and provides a simple way to earn additional income.

We help landowners to access capital to protect their forests.

Illustration of a satellite.

Access various remote sensing technologies to track your progress and quantify your impact.

A stack of coins

Secure long-term financing to cover your forest management costs and generate a profit.

Oak tree with CO2 molecules around it.

Receive periodic payments for your work and contribution to ensuring forests' vitality.

Why axon is the best choice for your forest

We strive to simplify the lives of landowners, which is why we have developed an easy-to-use tool. This tool assists landowners in monetizing their activities while reducing the time and energy they need to devote to administrative tasks.
We care that landowners receive fair compensation for their work. That's why we have implemented a transparent revenue-sharing and pricing model that allows everyone involved to understand how transactions are calculated.
We believe in taking a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the importance of forests in safeguarding biodiversity, air, soil, and water. By doing so, we can help landowners maximize the benefits they provide.